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Mission Statement

The mission of the Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan is to enhance the Michigan Workers' Compensation System through customer service, education and the administration of the Michigan Workers' Compensation Placement Facility.

The Compensation Advisory Organization of Michigan will perform its duties in an equitable, professional, and responsive manner when dealing with all participants in the system.


CAOM Bylaws

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Facility Plan of Operations

View the MWCPF Plan of Operations here.


Annual Reports

Annual CAOM and MWCPF reports can be found here.


Meeting / Holiday Schedule

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June 2017:
D. Brueckman becomes president
Aug. 2016:
4th Servicing Carrier Bid Process Conducted
Dec. 2015:
MWCPF Retro Refund for policy year 2011
Oct. 2015:
Mar. 2015:
CAOM introduces Michigan's Manage Policy Web Product
Dec. 2014:
$73 million in premium and 18,000 risks in Pool
Dec. 2014:
CAOM/MWCPF moves to new office, same building in Livonia
Nov. 2013:
New web based mod quote system
Jul. 2012:
J. Heikkinen becomes President
Oct. 2011:
May 2011:
Michigan hosts WCIO
Mar. 2011:
Online Assigned Risk Application process begins
Jan. 2011:
WCCRIT Electronic Unit Statistical Report edits
Dec. 2010:
$42 Million in Premium; 14,000 in Pool; 3 Servicing Carriers
Jul. 2010:
Electronic Letters of Authority
Feb. 2010:
Michigan Financial Data Reporting Application revised (MIFDRA II)
Jan. 2008:
Paper Policy Processing Fee started
Oct. 2007:
New Computer System
Jul. 2007:
Jan. 2007:
$75 Million in Premium; 23,000 Risks in Pool; 3 Servicing Carriers
Aug. 2006:
Michigan Added to WCRI's Seventh CompScope
Jul. 2006:
Second Servicing Carrier Bid Process Conducted
Jan. 2006:
Michigan Financial Data Reporting Application (MIFDRA)
Aug. 2005:
Electronic Proof of Coverage begins
Jan. 2005:
WCA Directors Advisory Council formed
May 2004:
CAOM/Facility celebrates 60 years of service
Oct. 2003:
OFIS exam
Oct. 2003:
ACCCT Compensation Data Exchange (CDX), Experience Worksheets lookup (EXR), started
Apr. 2003:
Mods on the web
Jan. 2002:
Milliman USA Actuarial Contract starts
Nov. 2001:
P. deGraffenreid retires
May 2001:
First servicing carrier bid process conducted
Jul. 2000:
Automated Mods program
Dec. 1999:
Less than $32 Million in premium; less than 20,000 risks in Pool
Nov. 1998:
Unit Statistical Report Fine System
Apr. 1997:
CAOM Web Site established
Apr. 1997:
Ratings Auto Faxed
Dec. 1996:
Office reorganized/ Space reduction
Sep. 1995:
1st Actuarial RFP
May 1995:
WCIO established
Apr. 1995:
Imaging System installed
Aug. 1994:
AR Depopulation Report
Jul. 1993:
J. Stage becomes President
Dec. 1992:
$185 Million in premium and over 26,000 risks in Pool
Jan. 1990:
Office moves to Livonia
Jul. 1989:
J. Corbin becomes President
Oct. 1986:
First Fax Machine Installed
Mar. 1985:
First PC Installed
Jun. 1983:
R. Stewart becomes President
Mar. 1983:
R. VanVonderen retires
Jan. 1983:
Open rating begins CAOM/FACILITY created
Jun. 1981:
F. Kilbourn Retires
May 1981:
R. Stewart Vice President
Dec. 1980:
$75 million in pool
Jun. 1980:
WCRIAM moves to Birmingham
Jun. 1980:
Hewlett Packard Mini Computer Installed
Oct. 1978:
G. Wood becomes GM
Jul. 1978:
Employee Savings Plan Started
May 1976:
Bureau Managers start semi-annual meetings
Dec. 1975:
W. Morgan Retires, R. VanVonderen GM
May 1970:
Bureau moves to Southfield
Apr. 1970:
J.C. Marshall Retires, W. Morgan GM, R. VanVonderen Asst. GM
Apr. 1964:
A. Cowlin Retires, J.C. Marshall GM
May 1958:
Bureau moves
May 1955:
W. Morgan becomes Secretary, W. Pullen Comptroller
May 1954:
Employee Retirement Plan
Jun. 1946:
Bureau closes on Saturdays during Summer
Apr. 1945:
Notice of 1st Annual Meeting
Nov. 1944:
A. Cowlin GM, J.C. Marshall Assistant GM
May 1944:
Michigan Workmen's Compensation Rating Bureau Constitution


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