Policy Data


Reporting Guidelines

For each policy issued, carriers must provide CAOM with an electronic version new and renewal policies, change endorsements, cancellation and reinstatements.  

Policy data is used in the following products and services: 

  • Tracking Receipt of Unit Statistical Data
  • Distribution of Experience Rating
  • Federal Proof of Coverage Service
  • Administration of Assigned Risk Pool
  • Actuarial Analysis
  • Electronic POC reporting for approved carriers

Submission Requirements

Policy data must be submitted to CAOM electronically.
Submission of policy data must be in WCPOLS format.  CAOM follows the standard reporting guidelines as defined in the WCIO Data Specifications Manual.    Carriers must be approved for each transaction that will be electronically submitted.  All electronic files must be submitted via CDX or the Michigan Manage Policy System (MPS). Testing and pre-approval is required before submitting WCPOLS transactions via CDX. No testing is required for MPS.   

Transactions Accepted

Transaction Type Code
Transaction Description
New Policy
Renewal Policy
Annual Rerate Endorsement
Policy Replacement Due to Key Field Change
Policy Replacement Due to Rating Change
Policy Replacement Due to Non-Rating Change
Policy Replacement Due to Miscellaneous Change/Non-Key Field Change
Policy Replacement Due to Add/Delete State Change
Non-Compliance/Compliance of Policy Terms and Conditions


  • Electronic files - Data must be formatted using the standard WCPOLS record layouts. All electronic file submissions must include a transmittal record. The WCPOLS record layouts, submission file requirements and transmittal record layout are found in the WCIO Data Specifications Manual.
    • Before submitting electronic files via CDX, data reporters must pass electronic submission testing.
    • Information relating to CDX is available on the CDX website (www.cdxworkcomp.org). 
    • Questions relating to CDX should be addressed to CAOM  (dataservices@caom.com).
  • Online entry – Currently, two submission options are available for online entry of policy data:
    • Manage Policy - A web based application accessible through the CAOM website. Manage Policy submits policy data directly to CAOM.
    • PEEP - A web based application accessible through the CDX website. PEEP creates an electronic file that must be submitted via CDX.
      •  Information relating to PEEP is available on the CDX website. 


CAOM is currently accepting all transactions except transaction code 03, 16 and 17. Carriers must receive approval for transactions 01 and 02 before other transactions can be tested.

Test files must be identified as test by reporting a “T” in the Submission Type Code Field of the ETR.

Live data is preferred for testing.  If it is not possible to provide live data for testing purposes, any approval will be contingent upon passing CAOM edits once production data is available.  The test file should include at least 10 transactions but no more than 25 transactions.  

Do not send transactions with the policy effective date greater than 18 months from today.

For policies this should be a mixture of transactions 01 & 02.  
If you will be reporting changes with transactions 08, 10 & 14 include a mixture for a total of 10 to 25 transactions.  Be sure to include changes and additions to the insured’s name, addresses, legal entity, etc.   If you expect to submit transaction 06 provide at least 2 examples.
If you expect to submit transaction 15 be sure provide an example of Michigan added and Michigan deleted. 

If you will be reporting transaction code 05 include a mixture of 10 to 25 cancellation and reinstatement transactions.  The cancellations should be for various cancellation reasons.

Please note: The Michigan Workers Compensation Statistical Plan Manual defines the Standard Premium as being the sum of all premium dollars; both subject and not subject to experience modification, excluding the expense constant, premium discount & terrorism premium.

Paper copies must be submitted for each transaction.  The test documents can be emailed or physically mailed.  If not emailed, the package containing the test documents must be clearly labeled.  It is suggested that you include a cover page with your paper documentation indicating WCPOLS TEST DOCUMENTS.

Mail paper documents to:
WCPOLS Test Processing
19500 Victor Parkway, Ste 475
Livonia, MI  48152-2686


Email copies of paper documents to: