Financial Data Calls (MIFDRA)

In accordance with the Michigan Workers' Compensation Statistical Plan, every insurance company licensed to write workers’ compensation insurance within the state of Michigan shall file with CAOM an acknowledgement form and complete year-end aggregate financial data calls.

Aggregate financial data is used in the following services:

  • Ratemaking
  • Actuarial analysis
  • Data review / reconciliations
  • Assigned Risk Pool participation ratios

Reporting Guidelines

Call Number
Due Date
Financial Data Call Package Acknowledgement Form
Before call submission
Policy Year
April 1st
Policy Year -- Assigned Risk Business
April 1st
Accident Year
April 1st
Accident Year -- Assigned Risk Business
April 1st
Reconciliation Report
April 1st
Countrywide Loss Adjustment Expense
May 1st
Large Loss and Catastrophe
April 1st

Note: Data calls are subject to fines as outlined in the Financial Calls Fining Program

Submission Requirements

All aggregate financial data and forms required in the Michigan Workers’ Compensation Statistical Plan must be submitted to CAOM electronically. The only option for creating aggregate financial data is electronically via MIFDRA.

  • Electronic files - When reporting aggregate financial data, the Aggregate Financial Call Acknowledgment Form must be completed before calls can be accessed. All required forms and data templates must be obtained directly from MIFDRA. Details regarding the MIFDRA application can be found in the MIFDRA User Guide & Instructions.

All aggregate financial data submissions received by CAOM are subject to editing to evaluate the reported data for timeliness, accuracy, completeness, and reasonability. Some edit errors received are the result of errors in data submission, while others are the result of non- standard circumstances. Edit errors may require the resubmission of corrected data or in some situations, for example of non-standard data, explanations may be approved.

Edit Notification

Data reporters are made aware of failed edits for a submission via:


MIFDRA has a RunEdits function that produces a failed edit listing and is required prior to  submission of call data. Data reporters can correct data errors and create edit notes to explain a non-standard situation before the call is sent through MIFDRA. After the initial submission of a call, data reporters are also expected to monitor all submissions with a status of Criticism. Refer to section VI of the MIFDRA User Guide & Instructions.

Email Notice from CAOM

Email notifications from CAOM will be sent to data reporters, as needed, for situations that are not handled by MIFDRA.

Edit Explanations

Data reporters may send edit explanations to explain non-standard data. All explanations must adequately explain the reason for the edit failure and are subject to CAOM approval process. Edit Notes can be added to edit errors prior to a call’s initial submission to the CAOM. Explanations can also be directed to the staff member that sent a criticism via email.

Note: Aggregate financial edits are subject to fines in accordance with the Financial Calls Fining Program

Questions relating to MIFDRA should be addressed to