Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I apply for coverage through the Placement Facility?

Coverage may be obtained by completing an electronic application. The electronic application is completed and submitted online. Payment for premium deposit is uploaded from the employer or agency account after the application is accepted.

When will coverage be effective?

Online applications are effective the day after they are submitted.

How long does it take to have the application processed?

Online applications are generally processed within two business days.

Can the deposit premium be paid by credit card or wire transfer?

No. An online application requires funds to be uploaded from either the employer or agency bank account.

When I upload the deposit premium, whose contact information should I use?

This should be contact information of the person uploading the payment. This is where the payment confirmation and any other notification will be emailed by the US Bank.

How do I determine what modification factor and surcharge to use on the application?

If you are submitting an application for Facility coverage, you may call the Facility for a tentative modification and surcharge.

The online application will auto-populate the modification and surcharge if applicable, assuming one exists for the FEIN.

Can the agent or employer request a particular servicing carrier?

The Facility assigns policies to each servicing carrier on a rotating and proportionate basis. The agent or employer may request a certain servicing carrier and that carrier may be assigned to service the policy. However, the Facility retains the right to assign applications to whichever carrier it deems appropriate.

How long does it take for a policy to be issued?

The policy will be issued by the insurance carrier we have assigned to the applicant. Between 14 and 30 days represents the average time involved for a carrier to issue a policy.

How do I obtain a Certificate of Insurance?

Certificates of insurance are to be issued by the Servicing Carrier within five working days of receipt of the request. The assigned carrier may authorize the agent to issue certificates.

If agency funds were submitted with the application and the insured's check to the agency has bounced, can the agent request cancellation of the policy?

No. Unless there is a signed finance agreement which assigns cancellation rights, the agent may not request cancellation for non-payment.

How to update The Online Assigned Risk Application (OAR) User Profile?

Log into The Assigned Risk Application (OAR).
Click on My Account.
Click Edit Profile in the User Area